Tapanilan Erä Boxing

Tapanilan Erä Boxing is one of the independent branches of Tapanilan Erä Sports Association. The Boxing gym is situated at Tapanilan Urheilukeskus in Tapanila, Helsinki.

Our activity has always been focused on strong traditions and the joy of exercise. We have 4 different groups training in our facilities, the competition, junior, school and fitness groups. These 4 groups have a total of 20 instructed practices per week, guided by skilled instructors and trainers. The activity as a whole is based on the hard work of numerous volunteers, and the passion for the sport.

Tapanilan Erä offers quality for everyone

Our gym offers all the needed equipment for training, all you need is clothing and shoes suitable for indoor sports. You can also purchase any additional equipment from us. Our trainers will assist you if you need gloves, hand wraps,  jump ropes and teeth protection. Out team of trainers will ensure that our training is efficient, challenging, fun and meet high quality standards.

The training is constructed so that it fits both the active and experienced trainer as well as the newcomer. Our fitness boxing is divided into two subgroups to cater the needs of everyone, we have beginners and experienced. The newest addition to our offering is our equipment training. This training does not feature any direct boxing training, instead overall workout utilizing the workout equipment available at our facility.